Are you getting the most out of customer feedback?

Five key ways a feedback widget could enhance your business and provide a better review management.

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In the digital age, online feedback from customers can be disseminated quickly to a large group of people and can significantly affect a business’s reputation and online presence. Obtaining feedback from your customers is highly important for many reasons, including:

  • Enhancing customer support.
  • Providing you with insight into key strengths of your business as well as areas that may require improvement or change.
  • Keeping in touch with customers.
  • Promoting your brand.

A key way to gain feedback from your customers is to implement a feedback widget (review management software), which can be easily placed on your website and can be designed to pop-up on the user’s screen. This can be in the form of a box that encourages users to ask questions or contact the team with problems or maybe a simple questionnaire that encourages feedback about specific areas of the business or service. The primary purpose of the feedback widget is to encourage a customer or user to engage with your team, or to leave feedback or review about the service received.

What is Review Management Software (Feedback Widget)?

Review Management

A feedback widget can mean multiple different things. It could be a short survey asking about customer satisfaction, or it could be a scale from 1 to 5 that encourages a customer to rate their experience. It could also be a structured form for customers to provide responses when they are experiencing a problem and require support.

A feedback widget gives your customers a place to provide feedback, information and often photographs or screenshots, which means it is more likely that customers will provide higher quality, informative feedback about your service. The feedback widget often provides a framework of questions to help guide a customer’s feedback response, which can be helpful and allows customers to easily identify and comment on key aspects of your business or services.

It is common for the widget to be located on the website, and to pop up on the user’s screen with a standard form where the user can fill in the fields or ask questions. The feedback widget encourages human engagement and interaction in relation to your business, so it really means that customers are able to share their insight into your services and teach you how to make your business, service and product even better.

Five Key Benefits of a Feedback Widget: How does it help in Google or Facebook review management?

review management software

1. You can tailor the forms and gain the information you want

With general requests for feedback, customers will often leave a short response without much detail. By using a feedback widget, you can guide user responses by asking questions that are relevant to your services, or ask customers about aspects of your business that you’d like more feedback on. By allowing customers to attach photographs and screenshots, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to respond to your customers with an effective answer. Additionally, by asking questions in a structured manner, customers may even be able to find solutions to problems on their own.

2. It’s easier to direct feedback

By allowing customers to provide detailed information and respond in a structured manner, you can easily organise large amounts of feedback and direct them to the appropriate areas of your business. If you provide customers with a standard email to deliver feedback and problems, this could result in a large number of unstructured responses, which will need to be read individually and prioritised. With a feedback widget, you can implement custom fields which then automatically identify the priority, information, service aspect and anything else you would like to customise. Essentially, you’re making sure the feedback is sent to the correct area or team.

3. Sales are enhanced

Having a feedback widget that pops up on your website encourages the customer to reach out to you, which can then promote the sales process and change the process from outsourcing leads to responding to more inbound enquiries.

4. Auto-suggestions are helpful

With the use of a feedback widget, you can pre-populate certain information and auto-suggest answers. This encourages customers to be able to help themselves with their problems and often they will be able to come to a solution using a helpful response, so your team may not have to intervene.

5. Your customers feel valued

By requesting feedback or review about products and services, your customers feel valued, particularly as they have experience with the products and services and can provide insight. This often makes customers feel like they can make a positive difference to what is being offered by the business through a customer-centric method.

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