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Nowadays, over 90% of the world’s population has access to the internet. While it does assist with everyday life, it also presents many issues for businesses and individuals; often leaving them in vulnerable positions.

Generally, most people are unaware of how to handle negative online content, often not knowing that there are in fact solutions for this. And Internet Removals are the experts in this field.

As of this week, Internet Removals (a trusted content removal agency) has successfully removed 1,721,412 URLs of online content and this number is increasing day by day, with over 700,000 URLs removed within the last 2 years.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

Protecting your online reputation is vital, as almost everyone has access and the ability to view information regardless of its authenticity and truthfulness. Considering technology and countless social media platforms are now commonly accessible and used by more than 60% of the world’s total population today, online information has the capability of reaching thousands of people within nanoseconds.

Businesses and individuals can be victims of public smearing across a plethora of online platforms and the risks are not only reputational but financial as well. Right or wrong, public perception shapes images, brands and directly affects reputations.

Online Reputation Management

Common problems encountered globally

Internet Removals team provide the assistance to solve it and overcome obstacles

There are several similar and common issues that are becoming increasingly prevalent for clients, some of the content we have helped our clients with are:

• Negative Google My Business reviews

• Facebook posts and fake accounts

• Instagram deactivation and reinstatement of accounts, often as a result of hacking

• YouTube content

• Twitter posts and hacked accounts

• Personal information displayed on the internet e.g. residential address, contact details

• Company information displayed on the internet e.g. ABN,

• Negative reviews on platforms such as Yellow Pages, Yelp, Word of Mouth, Glassdoor, Seek, Booking.com, TripAdvisor, to name a few

• OnlyFans leaked content

• MegaNZ leaked content

• Discord leaked content

• Content that violates copyright, trademark and intellectual property. We have assisted authors, businesses, artists, musicians, entertainers, creators, innovators, distribution houses, and software providers in helping them protect their ideas, creations, and rights.

• Content that constitutes piracy

• Non-consensual image-based abuse, also known as Revenge Porn

• Content that is anti-discriminatory

• Online abuse used to perpetrate domestic violence

• News/media and publications

Anti piracy protection

These case studies are actual examples of clients we have helped with Content Removal Applications.

Usual Concerns on Content Removal Services

People often contact us seeking assistance but are unsure, they’re skeptical and we can certainly appreciate their concerns as our service may seem unorthodox to some. However, consider the digital era we now live in, it’s no longer conventional. If you are serious about your online reputation and presence and feel there is unwarranted online content about you or your business, then inaction is not an option.

Common objections we encounter:

• Unable to guarantee results

• Timeframe

Is There a Magic Button to Delete Negative or Unwanted Content Online? Guaranteed results?

Our response:

The number one question we get asked is “is it guaranteed?” Whilst we can never guarantee outcomes, our results certainly speak for themselves!

We do not control platforms, but we have a history of working with the right channels and teams to influence outcomes, and we do this by leaning on local legal principles.

Our costs are reflective of the work, our intellectual property, and the ongoing efforts we put in for clients, this includes multiple attempts. Multiple applications are required as it is common for platforms to reject the first few attempts. And whilst we do multiple attempts the cost to clients is a one-off fee for the work, they have engaged us to do.

Content removal service

Whilst we aim to achieve successful results in the fastest time possible, the timeframe is dependent on a number of factors including response times and responses from the platforms we are contacting. This can mean requiring us to provide platforms with more information, and or multiple applications. It can take time to achieve the desired result, but we firmly believe in managing client expectations accurately.

Let Internet Removals Pull You Out of the Muddle

If you experience:

• Violations of safety or privacy

• Have false, defamatory, or discriminatory content published online

• Are victims of non-consensual image-based abuse (also known as revenge porn)

• Suffer reputational damage as a consequence of online abuse

• If they experience the weaponization of fake social media accounts to disseminate harmful or defamatory content

• A breach of copyright, trademark or intellectual property infringement

Internet Removals can help by seeking the removal of content across many platforms.

Our philosophy is simple. Continue making it easier for people and businesses in need to find our services and gain the help that they need. We simply want to ensure high accessibility, ease of access and unbeatable efficacy.

To know more about our services, contact us on 1300 039 196 or via email ([email protected]).

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