Review Management: Can You Delete Google Review or Google My Business?

What is Google My Business?

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There is a high chance that the business you own or manage has a Google My Business listing, displaying contact details and locations of the business and allowing people to leave star reviews. Google My Business is a platform that lists businesses; essentially it is a free service that allows a business to have a profile online, enabling the business to connect with customers easily.

Google My Business can assist customers in finding your business, as it displays your business location(s) on a map. Customers can utilise the directions feature of Google Maps to guide them to your business location.

Another key feature of Google My Business is the ability for people to leave reviews about your business. Reviews are left in the form of star ratings and the option to leave a comment about the experience; one star represents a poor rating and five stars represents an outstanding rating.

How can Google My Business impact you?

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Primarily, Google My Business will impact the way that consumers interact with your business. Consumers can locate contact information as well as the physical location of the business.

Importantly, Google My Business displays the average review star rating of your business and this is often something consumers will identify when deciding whether or not to interact with your business. As such, it is preferable to gain more positive ratings to ensure the overall average is high, making your business stand out and encouraging consumers to give you their business.

Why would someone want to remove Google reviews or Google My Business?

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Unfortunately, it is easy for the review platform on Google My Business to be manipulated. At Internet Removals, we commonly see instances of:

  • Fake accounts leaving nasty reviews.
  • Multiple fake accounts leaving multiple reviews on one business in a short space of time, and with similar language.
  • Competitors leaving negative reviews.

Anyone is able to create a Google account, with very little information required to verify and create an account. This means that a competitor or someone with the intent to destroy a business may leave a negative review, even if they have never been a customer of the business. This can leave businesses with horrible average star ratings, which may be completely false, and this can significant deter business and profits.

Due to false-negative reviews impacting the business’s reputation, someone may want to remove the reviews.

Can you Delete Google Reviews?

Yes, it is possible to delete Google My Business. Internet Removals can assist with applications and liaise with Google to have remove the Google Business listing. If your business has Facebook, we can also help to delete the Facebook Business page. We are also able to assist with your online reputation management if it has been negatively impacted by false reviews

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