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For 10 years we have specialised in providing clients with DMCA Takedown Services.

Copyright Infringement and DMCA Takedown Service

What does DMCA stand for?

According to Wikipedia:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a 1998 United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM).

More simply:

The Digital Millinnium Copyright Act (DMCA) is designed to protect content creators, musicians, artists, actors, producers, authors, photographers and all persons who create works, from having their works used without their consent.

What is a Takedown Service?

A takedown services is a process undertaken by competent experts who attempt removal of content that is infringing upon the rights of clients and infringing upon the DMCA.

How does a DMCA takedown work?

The process includes:

  1. Conducting extensive searches to determine the full extent of the infringement.
  2. Particularising the infringements and the works upon which infringments have occurred.
  3. Identifying the various local and international laws.
  4. Investigating various websites to determine the identify of their website administrators and web hosts.
  5. Submitting applications to these parties.
  6. Persistently following up and escalating the DMCA takedown process to ensure removal of offending content.

How do I file a DMCA takedown request?

Anyone can file a DMCA request; however, we often find that clients report websites and web hosts fail to respond, or do not take the submission seriously unless it comes from an external third party agent.

Furthermore, there are various requirements for submitting a valid DMCA removal request. If you fail to comply with these requirements, your notice may be invalid and ineffective. Accordingly, it is often better to seek professional advice or assistance to file a DMCA takedown request.

How much does a DMCA takedown cost?

There is no cost to lodge a DMCA takedown request yourself; however, as mentioned above you will want to ensure the notice is effective and complies with the requirements of the DMCA. Accordingly, you may wish to engage professionals to undertake the DMCA takedown service for you.

At Internet Removals, we provide obligation free advice and assessments. We can review your case and provide you with a quote before you proceed with a DMCA takedown process.

How long does a DMCA takedown take to complete?

This is ultimately dependent upon the respondent. For example, Google will usually take less than a week and in many cases, can remove the content as part of the DMCA takedown process within 24 hours.

In other scenarios, some websites are abandoned or hosted in obscure jurisdictions which results in delayed, or no responses at all. In these cases, the matters can take up to 3 months to resolve.

How do I know if the DMCA takedown service provider can do the job?

We recommend asking the following questions:

  • Do they have actual people answering the phones and talking to customers, or are they an automated robot?
  • Does the takedown service provider do both business AND personal takedowns? With the sensitive nature of personal content required to be taken down, the process for a business and a personal takedown is completely different.
  • What level of experience in DMCA takedowns do they have?
  • In how many countries are they physically located with staff, not just virtual offices?
  • What successful case studies and genuine testimonials can they supply?

Ultimately each client has their own requirements when it comes to choosing a service provider that they feel comfortable with. At Internet Removals, we pride ourselves on being patient with customers and, where customers receive alternative or competing offers, we provide objective advice, competitive comparison quotes and the ability to contact our case studies to confirm proof of concept.

Does your DMCA takedown service work for OnlyFans, Patreon and Cam Girl sites like Chaturbate?

Definitely! We have hundreds of clients who create content on OnlyFans, Chaturbate, Patreon and a variety of subscription websites. We provide continunous monitoring and removal of content that infringes upon the rights of our clients.

Why would I use a takedown service rather than just do it myself?

As the saying goes: “time is money”. If you have time to spare, and you know all the requirements to submit a valid DMCA takedown notice, and you don’t mind constantly chasing up websites, web hosts, web admins and other platforms, then completing the DMCA takedown service yourself might be the best choice for you.

If however, you do not know how to identify ultimate hosts hidden by IP masking services such as Cloudflare, and you don’t know how to write a valid DMCA notice, and you don’t have hours and hours each week to submit these notices or conduct the investigative work, and you don’t have time to monitor for new infringements 24/7 yourself, then we recommend engaging a professional to provide the DMCA takedown service.

Professionals will often provide you with piece of mind that the job is being done effectively and meanwhile, you can get on with your life.

Common Facts

  • 5,568,250,594 is the number of DMCA takedown requests received by Google.

  • According to one source, the economic impact DMCA infringement is responsible for at least $29.2 billion in lost domestic revenues, 230,000 in lost American jobs, and $47.5 billion in reduced GDP.

  • 95% of music downloaded online is illegal

We remove DMCA infringing content around the globe!

While the internet is large and comprised of over 1 BILLION individual websites, we frequently treat the following sites:

Remove illegal content from the internet

Our Solution

As of 2022, our team at Internet Removals has removed over 2,661,859 URLs from the internet. A high percentage of these 2,661,859 URLs has been from removing content that infringes on our client’s Intellectual Property rights, such as their copyright.

As the pioneers of the content removal industry, we provide a specialised service whereby we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content to offending search engines, website administrators and web hosts.

During our 11+ years, we are yet to find a problem that we don’t believe our solution applies to.

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