Does an Individual Require Online Reputation Management for Themselves?

Advances in technology have rapidly changed our lifestyles; everything is now more readily and easily accessible. In a world that once relied upon verbal communication and written letters, there is now more networking and communication channels available than ever before. With the development and expansion of social media platforms, video applications and sharing tools, there is a growing need for individuals to consider how they appear online.

What you post online may form your personal online reputation

The mark you leave behind on the internet can be long-lasting and may have a significant impact on your online reputation. Many people utilise social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for personal use; they upload photos of nights out on the town, share videos of their children and pets and share text about their opinions. What many people don’t understand is, these personal uploads contribute to your online reputation, and this may affect you in your current or future employment.

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What you posted or shared years ago could have a huge impact on your current job, life and online reputation.

Did you know that many employers or HR managers commonly check on future or prospective employees by searching Google? It is very common for an employer or HR manager to search a person’s name on Google and check on their digital footprint or online reputation, and in fact, this is becoming increasingly common practice for all job applicants. Searching your name in Google may reveal a large volume of results that could have been there for years.

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Outdated content may affect individuals

Outdated content, such as old Myspace pages and photos, may appear harmless, but this is communicating information about you to your prospective employer. It may leave you with a negative online reputation, particularly if you once had a lifestyle that does not align with the employer’s or company’s values. It may also be the case that there is leaked private information about you online, and this may also have an impact on your online reputation. For example, Internet Removals has worked with people who have been the victim of revenge porn and have had their personal images posted online (personal online reputation management); there is always a strong fear from these people that their current or future employer may see these posts.

If your employer searched your name, what would they find? Would they find your LinkedIn feed where you have commented on industry issues? Would they find your Facebook feed where you uploaded a video intoxicated and dancing in a nightclub? Of course, you should have freedom of expression and the freedom to post whatever you like, however, it may be impacting your future employment and if this is the case, you might want to consider making some changes. It’s worth taking the time to consider the digital footprint you are leaving; what does your online reputation look like?

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Now you can protect yourself with online reputation management solutions

Online reputation management isn’t just for businesses, and it isn’t just for individuals looking for a job either. It’s for anyone who wants to improve their online reputation and digital footprint.

Internet Removals provides a variety of online reputation management services. We can conduct research to help identify content about you that exists online, and can then discuss strategies with you to help remove content where necessary and improve your overall online reputation. We are able to assist with online content removal and we can also help you remove personal google search results. Internet Removals may also be able to help delete a website from Google, recover a Facebook account and suppress Google search results.

If you think you or someone you know requires online reputation management, you can contact us at Internet Removals to discuss your concerns. This may relate to social media posts, online articles or anything affecting your online reputation and digital footprint.

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Disclaimer: There is no obligation in contacting Internet Removals for advice relating to online defamatory content and our services with removal. Internet Removals is not providing any legal advice. If legal advice is recommended or required, Internet Removals can refer you to IRG Law Pty Ltd. You should not rely upon the contents of this newsletter for any litigation, decision to litigate or decision to publish material online.

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