Account Recovery: Why is it necessary to recover your social media account like Facebook page & Instagram?

Social media has blown up in the last decade to a point where it is ingrained in daily life; we have advanced from the old MSN messenger and Myspace to a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Compared to twenty years ago, social media is now considered the norm, with a significantly large portion of the population having at least one social media account.

Social media has had a huge and important impact on our lives; social media plays a crucial role in helping people to connect to one another, stay in contact and develop relationships. For an individual, it may mean being able to keep up to date with relatives overseas, daily chats with friends, and staying in touch with friends from school. Businesses also use social media and this can be a highly effective way to connect with customers, answer questions and gain feedback. During the COVID pandemic and associated lockdowns, social media has been a crucial survival tool for some, allowing them to stay in contact and maintain some form of human connection.

Unfortunately, there may be instances where someone loses access to their social media or business page. For a business, it may be due to accounts being managed by ex-staff who did not share access to the page with the company prior to leaving the employment. For individually, it could be a situation where they have simply forgotten their login email or password. The actual social media platform may also have become outdated and so it was simply forgotten. I know many of us still have an old Myspace account floating around that we have long forgotten the password to. There is old social media account out there, but is it important to actually recover these accounts?

Why it is important to recover social media account like a Facebook page for businesses & individuals?

how to recover my facebook account

Some people may want a social media account recovered just so that they can have this removed from view. Hint, your old Myspace photos from year 8 where you thought it was cool to take a bathroom selfie in sunglasses giving the finger may not look good to a prospective employer… Others may have had access to their account stolen, such as when someone hacks in and changes the password. It is obviously important to recover the account in these instances so that you are not being impersonated by the hacker.

For businesses, Facebook recovery can be important as it enables the business to run ads. The Facebook profile also often determines if a business can run ads on Instagram, as the two may need to be connected. If the business is seeking to recover a Facebook account it may also be to preserve important customer reviews that have been left on the page, which of course impact the online reputation of the business.

Losing your social media account will affect your Online Reputation?

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Losing your social media account may mean your online reputation is affected. Individuals may lose access to content that they would rather not have online, may lose touch with friends, or in a worst-case scenario may find themselves being impersonated. A business may lose valuable customer reviews and be unable to properly utilize Facebook advertising, which then impacts revenue.

Wondering how to recover a Facebook account without a phone number or other login details? Now you can recover social media account yourself

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Internet Removals can assist with account recovery, whether it is Facebook recovery, Instagram recovery, or just the general recovery of a social media page. We can also assist with claiming a Google My Business listing and with content removal. Further, Internet Removals are specialists in online reputation management, so if you or your business’s reputation have been affected by a lack of social media account recovery, we can assist.

We can be contacted by either phoning 1300 039 196 or sending an email to  [email protected].

Disclaimer: There is no obligation in contacting Internet Removals for advice relating to online defamatory content and our services with removal. Internet Removals is not providing any legal advice. If legal advice is recommended or required, Internet Removals can refer you to IRG Law Pty Ltd. You should not rely upon the contents of this newsletter for any litigation, decision to litigate or decision to publish material online.

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