How to Delete My Personal Search on Google?

In this digital age, people would like to search for the information they want online. Where it is easy and convenient with just a key in the particular keyword you can get all the information you want. Thereby, there are more people nowadays starting to learn new knowledge online, which is called E-learning, where you can learn wherever you are and the only thing you need is Internet access. 

Not limited to learning, we may also build our network online, through social media sites, and other social platforms. We are able to connect with others online easily, as we can search for the person we want to know about via search engine and social site easily with the person’s name and details. We are able to get all the personal details about a person through a simple search online, their age, gender, their contact info, what company or work they are currently doing. 

There are many business people or salespeople who are now seeking their leads online, where it is cost-efficient and it can help to build their network effectively. However, some people may feel annoyed as they feel they are disturbed by someone they do not know and it is annoying to them. Hence, you may want to remove your personal search from the search engine which is Google. 

In some cases, people would like to remove their personal search due to the reason that there are some negative or bad mentions about them on the Internet which may harm their personal reputation and also their company image. As in this technology world, people may tend to attack people through online forums, they only want to attack the people they don’t like for no reason. This may affect the personal image and may pose a negative impact on the person in his or her future career. 

So, you may be able to take some precautionary steps to prevent such cases from happening to you, here is some step for you to remove or delete your personal search on Google. 

Steps on How to Remove My Personal Search on Google

how to delete my personal search on google

1. Remove the original URL that contains your personal information

When you find a website or URL that contains your personal information that you want to be removed, you are able to delete the website or the URL directly. You can use some online tools to help you with this, or you may find some experts to help you with it. 

2. Request Google to remove your personal information on search result

If you find you appear in the Google search result, and you don’t want it to appear again, you may be able to send a request to Google. You may look for Google support, and you are able to send a request to them to take down your personal search on Google, so others who search the keyword about you, you may not appear in the search result. 

3. Request the site owner to remove the content you do not want to be shown to others 

If you find some website that has your personal information, you are able to request the owner of a particular website to help you in taking down the information about you. 

how to delete personal search

Other Alternative Ways on How to Delete Personal Search on Google

If you find that you are unable to remove or delete your personal search on Google, well, look no further! 

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