Who created your Google My Business (GMB) Listing? Why is it there? Can You Delete it?

Google My Business is a platform that allows businesses to display their information such as contact details and location, and it is also a platform commonly used by consumers for the purposes of reviewing a business. Google created this Google My Business listing feature so that businesses could be easily located and contacted by consumers; it also allows other consumers to read consumer reviews about the business, which may impact the consumer’s engagement with the business. A business that has a Google My Business listing will also have a star rating out of five, with five being the highest rating; this rating is influenced by consumer reviews.

A Google My Business listing is created by setting up a Google Account associated with your business and then setting up the listing through google.com/business. This is a free service and the Google My Business listing can be managed from your Google profile.

It is also possible for a Google My Business listing to exist, even if you as the business owner did not create it. Another person may have added business information to Google search, Google Maps, or another Google service, and this has resulted in the listing being created. It is possible to claim a Google My Business listing if it is your own business and it is important to claim it so you have control over the business listing; Internet Removals is able to assist with removing or claiming a Google My Business Listing.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Google My Business Listing

There are many advantages to having a Google My Business listing and it certainly makes consumer interaction easier, however, there can also be some disadvantages of the platform. For example, your Google My Business listing may receive negative reviews, which could impact your business.

Whilst negative reviews may be genuine, at Internet Removals we commonly see instances where fake reviews are left on a Google My Business listing, and often these fake reviews are left in large numbers. It is not uncommon to find out that a competitor or former disgruntled employee has created fake accounts and left vexatious reviews in an attempt to harm the business. This can then impact the overall rating of the business, consumer engagement, and revenue. If your Google My Business listing has been subjected to defamatory reviews, we may be able to assist with content removal and online reputation management.

It is also common to see some industries preferring not to have a Google My Business platform at all as a result of consumer interaction. For instance, at Internet Removals, we have worked with property or facilities management companies that want Google My Business listings removed due to tenant complaints being left on the platform. Many real estate businesses find that tenants will leave one-star reviews with comments about a particular tenancy issue and it may not be a legitimate review, but rather an unhappy tenant venting complaints on the wrong platform rather than speaking directly with their property manager.

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Delete a Google My Business Listing

Unfortunately, it is easy for the review platform on Google My Business to be manipulated. At Internet Removals, we commonly see instances of:

  • Fake accounts leaving nasty reviews.
  • Multiple fake accounts leaving multiple reviews on one business in a short space of time, and with similar language.
  • Competitors leaving negative reviews.

Anyone is able to create a Google account, with very little information required to verify and create an account. This means that a competitor or someone with the intent to destroy a business may leave a negative review, even if they have never been a customer of the business. This can leave businesses with horrible average star ratings, which may be completely false, and this can significantly deter business and profits.

Due to false-negative reviews impacting the business’s reputation, someone may want to remove the reviews or may want to remove the entire Google My Business listing.

Internet Removals is able to assist and can liaise with Google to remove the Google My Business listing. If there is a Facebook page attached to the business, it may also help to delete the Facebook business page and this content removal is another area where Internet Removals can assist.

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How can we help to remove the Google business listing?

Internet Removals can assist with claiming a Google My Business listing and with content removal. Further, Internet Removals are specialists in online reputation management, so if you or your business’s reputation have been affected by the listing, we may be able to assist.

We can be contacted by either phoning 1300 039 196 or sending an email to  team@internetremovals.com.

Disclaimer: There is no obligation in contacting Internet Removals for advice relating to online defamatory content and our services with removal. Internet Removals is not providing any legal advice. If legal advice is recommended or required, Internet Removals can refer you to IRG Law Pty Ltd. You should not rely upon the contents of this newsletter for any litigation, decision to litigate, or decision to publish material online.

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