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As The Content Removal Experts, we provide a wide range of services designed to protect you and your online reputation.

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We specialise in removing false, harmful, defamatory, potentially illegal or personal information from Google, Social Media Sites, websites and thousands of platforms around the globe.


ORM is a double reference to ‘Online Reputation Management’ and ‘Online Risk Management’. At Internet Removals, we believe that effective online reputation management begins with treating and managing internal risks.

Defamation & Online Reputation Management

Defamation is a legal term that refers to a statement that harms someone’s reputation by communicating false information to a third party. It is a civil offense that can occur both in person and online.

Online reputation management (ORM) refers to the practice of monitoring and managing a person’s or business’s reputation on the internet. This can involve identifying and addressing negative or false information that has been posted online, as well as promoting positive content to enhance the person or business’s online presence.

In the context of defamation and online reputation management, false or defamatory statements posted online can have a significant impact on a person or business’s reputation, potentially resulting in lost business, damage to personal or professional relationships, and other negative consequences.

To address defamation and protect their online reputation, individuals and businesses engage Internet Removals to:

Monitor online content: This involves regularly checking for negative or false information that has been posted online and taking action to address it.

Respond to negative content: This may involve reaching out to the individual or website that posted the content to request that it be removed or corrected, or providing a response or clarification to the content.

Promoting positive content: This may involve creating and sharing positive content about the person or business to counteract negative or false information that has been posted online.

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