3 Ways To Delete Google Reviews: A Guide

When you are a fresh business or even a business that has been in the industry for a long time, there is no doubt that your presence online can really help you to gain traction to your brand. With many people using the internet to find all sorts of information, it is no doubt that people look for online reviews before purchasing an item or supporting a brand. Many people will post reviews after trying your products and you should take into consideration every single one to improve your brand.

However there are some comments that are worth deleting. So in this article, we will be showing the four ways on how to remove negative reviews on Google and making sure you get rid of those comments to the best of your ability.

Removing inappropriate reviews

Google does not support many types of comments and reviews on their search engine that they deem to be unsuitable for public viewing. Some of these types of comments and reviews are:

  • Spam/Fake content
  • Restricted content
  • Impersonation of another person or company
  • Offensive material

These are just some of the material or reviews that are not allowed on Google review pages or on their search engine in general. You can remove these by searching for that comment and after finding it, flag it so that Google can review this on their end and ultimately get the review removed if it clashes with their guidelines.

You can write to the customer about their review

Another way to effectively deal with a negative review on Google is to write to the customer that posted it to try and ask them to remove or edit their review. After you have checked that the review is a legitimate one and you cannot flag it as it complies with Google’s guidelines, you can rectify the issue by simply contacting the person to try and get them to remove or edit the review themselves.

Approach the customer kindly as this can affect your online reputation management if you come off too strong as a brand, especially since this customer already posted a negative review. You should always recognise what their problem with your brand was and contact them with the thought in mind that you are trying to help this person to have a positive outlook on your brand again. Acknowledge their frustrations and reassure them that you are trying to rectify the issue as soon as possible. After they have responded to your request that you asked in a nice manner, it is likely that they will remove their review based on the talking experience that they had with you on the issue.

File a legal removal request

Before you take this step, it is important that you have made sure that you tried to rectify the situation by using the strategies mentioned above before you have used this. Google takes illegal matters very seriously on their search engine and they are always making sure that their search engine has facts to the best of their ability. If you have encountered an illegal review done with the intention to slander your business on facts that are simply untrue or even defamatory, you can flag to google to remove it.

You will have to access your Google My Business account and use the content removal tool. However, do make sure that the review that you are flagging is illegal and it goes against the community guidelines.


It is important to always deal with content removal seriously and learn how to remove negative reviews on Google. It can really help with your online reputation and it can boost your brand to achieve more sales and gain potential customers.

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