3 Ways To Prevent Negative Reviews From Affecting Your Brand


We are pretty certain that you have tried to search for how to remove negative reviews on Google at this point for a how-to guide or maybe for future reference if you may ever need it. However, there are some reviews that you simply cannot delete and those are the ones sent in by your customers, talking about the service or experience they had or even not being satisfied after purchasing something. These types of reviews do not deserve to be deleted and you should respond as a brand to not jeopardise your online reputation management. In this article, we will be sharing three ways to prevent negative reviews from affecting your brand.

Set a goal when looking through reviews

One of the first things that you can do as a brand is to set a goal when looking through all the negative reviews that have been posted. You should start by conducting daily monitoring sessions whereby you go through review websites and search engines and scope out the negative reviews that might have been posted about your company.

After scoping out these negative reviews, set a goal or target. Is it to delete troll reviews? Respond back to a certain number of urgent reviews that need your attention? You decide the goal and you should always target to reach the goal, just be sure to not set an unrealistic goal.

Respond quickly and effectively

After scoping out the negative reviews and reading through them, it is important to always think of a response as quick as possible. Ideally, reviews should be answered within a day. This also ties in with your online brand reputation management as it shows your customers that your brand cares about your customer’s experiences with your company and are always striving to achieve greater heights in terms of improving the shopping experience for your customer.

Be effective in your response. If the review is talking about how they had a bad experience with a product from your brand or even their service was not up to standard as they thought it would be, be apologetic and in your response. Responding quickly can also allow the reviewer to be more open to hearing suggestions that you might have as a brand to help fix the issue.

Push for genuine reviews to be posted by your customers

Do not be afraid to ask for reviews after your customers have just made a purchase and supported your business. Reviews are a great way to look out for problems that you may have overlooked that need some attention. They are also a great way to find problems to work on and generate solutions for to improve the whole experience for your customer and make it a positive one in their next transaction. Genuine reviews also allow you as a business owner to scope out what people’s sentiments are about your brand which ultimately ties in with your online brand reputation management.


Ever wondered how to prevent negative reviews from crushing your brand from growing? We hope this article has aided you in gaining an insight into ways that you can implement to ensure that negative reviews do not affect your business.

Here at Internet Removals, we provide a variety of online brand reputation management services which include removing serious negative reviews. If you need any assistance on this matter, do not hesitate to contact us today and we will be delighted to assist you on this journey.