4 Effective Tips For Replying To Negative Reviews On Google


Receiving negative reviews on Google can really make or break your business’ reputation. Online reputation management can be seen and carried out by the way you carry out the way you respond to negative reviews on Google. At this point in time, you have probably read and seen different articles on how to remove negative reviews on Google and how to accomplish them. But if you are not able to remove those reviews, here are 4 effective tips that you can follow to help you respond to a negative Google review in a prompt and responsible manner.

Know your options to help

One of the first things that you should consider when responding to a customer’s negative review is to ensure that you are clear on what you can do to resolve the matter. Knowing your options and being clear on what you can do as a brand to help the customer resolve the issue is the key way that you have the ability to communicate it effectively and effectively to ensure that the customer does not get discouraged which can ultimately lead to you losing a customer.

Always validate their concerns and frustrations and be empathetic. Many other customers will read these reviews in the future to see how your brand effectively communicates to your customer and helps them when they are unhappy about something that went wrong during their time patronising your brand.

Respond quickly

Responding to your customer’s troubles and frustrations quickly is one of the most important things that you can do as a brand. Ideally, you should give a response to their review in under 24 hours. This will show how much your brand cares about their customers and making sure that your brand is able to do anything to ensure that the customer is happy after this interaction with you. Ensure you stay calm and do not lash out at the customer even though they may be feeling very upset which can make them not effectively communicate their frustrations.

Always apologise for the inconvenience caused 

As a brand responding to a negative review, you should always apologise and ensure that your customer knows that your apology is genuine and sincere. Ultimately, the brand did not live up to the customer’s expectations which may be a key factor why this person is leaving a negative review in the first place.

Apologise and ensure that you are acknowledging their frustrations. After the apology, you can ask the customer to move on to a private chat with you so that you are able to rectify the situation in private if they are comfortable with it. By adding a human factor in your replies and by not making them too monotonous, this can encourage the customer to be more willing to resolve this issue privately.

Take action and communicate your solution

If you have moved onto a private chat to talk to the customer about their frustrations, this is your chance to take action and rectify the situation promptly. Offer a solution that the customer will be happy with based on their frustration. Replying promptly and making sure that you offer a solution as quickly as possible will allow the customer to realise that your brand is at the top of their game when it comes to customer satisfaction and service. Provide a detailed explanation on why you are offering that solution and why it caters to their frustrations. Customers are more likely to accept your offer when they see that you have paid attention to detail to ensure that you make things right and your reputation management can benefit greatly from this.


By effectively replying to your customers frustrations and negative reviews, this can help you achieve a better online reputation as it will allow other customers to see the efforts that your brand goes through just to ensure that you are able to make amends with their negative reviews before making the decision to delete the negative review. Your online reputation management is also a key factor to consider when replying to your customers’ negative reviews.

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