4 Effective Ways To Monitor And Respond To Negative Reviews


When coming across a negative review, it is important to handle them with the utmost care. When handling a negative review, it is important to be extra cautious as your other loyal customers and even potential customers may be looking out for how you deliver your response to that review. Online reputation management can also be seen when you respond to a negative review as a brand. In this article, we will be sharing four effective ways that you can monitor and respond to negative reviews.

Always monitor your customer reviews

One of the first main steps that you should take before learning how to effectively respond to a negative review would be to make sure that you are constantly monitoring what is being said about your brand through reviews. Research has shown that businesses that respond to their reviews gain a 35% revenue as currently, many people rely on reviews before making the decision to patronise a brand.

Conduct daily monitoring sessions by looking through your reviews and scoping on which ones need to be removed. How to remove negative reviews on google is very prevalent but before making that decision of removing the review, if it is worthwhile, do respond back to it.

Respond promptly

After making the decision to respond to a negative review, it is important that you respond quickly and promptly. Preferably, aim to respond to a review in 24 hours as it shows that your brand is dedicated in making sure that your customers receive the best customer experience and service. By responding to your reviews promptly, this will show your other existing customers as well as potential ones that your brand is on top of its game when it comes to responding quickly.

Be apologetic in your response

Craft an apologetic yet sincere response. Making sure that you are genuinely upset that your customer did not have the experience that is expected of your brand will allow you to conduct your online brand reputation management as well. By ensuring that you are apologetic also shows the unhappy customer that your brand sincerely cares about fixing the issue and regret all the inconveniences caused. This can also help them calm down and think through the situation and be more open to hearing your proposed solutions to fix the issue.

Implement changes with solutions

If you are constantly finding negative reviews on the same issue, it may be time to implement changes to your brand. After responding to so many reviews and you find your brand always getting unhappy customers after the same issue, you should take the step to realise that changes need to be implemented to improve the situation and to lessen the negative reviews.

If you do see constructive feedback that your customers have provided in their reviews, respond to these kinds of reviews by acknowledging the problem and thanking the customer for taking the time to leave a review and feedback. You should also reassure the reviewer that the company is taking the necessary measures to improve the situation and fixing the issue to improve your customer experience.


Taking the time and effort to effectively respond to negative reviews is an important step in any business. Before making the decision to delete the negative review, we hope you consider these tips to effectively respond to actual negative reviews posted by your customers. This can greatly help you brand’s online reputation when done effectively and promptly.

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