4 Helpful Ways To Deal With Negative Reviews


When learning how to effectively deal with negative reviews online, it is important to also understand why it is crucial to ensure that negative reviews are diligently dealt with in the first place. Negative reviews can impact your brand reputation and potentially prevent a new audience to your brand. Reviews are also a source of how potential customers find new brands that they would like to patronise. So if you ever get a negative review and are not sure how to deal with it, we hope this article serves as a helpful guide for you.

Think about the customer’s viewpoint

One of the first things that you should consider is to think about the nature of the customer’s complaint. If there is something that the customer has left a negative review about, think about if the customer has a valid point. By acknowledging that the customer does have a valid point, it will be easier to respond to their complaint and it will also be easier to try and rectify the situation.

Respond calmly

After carefully considering the customer’s complaint, it is important to respond to the complaint. However, if you do encounter a nasty review with many unpleasant words being used, do respond in a calm manner. Responding calmly will show other customers that your brand is not one to blame the customers for their complaints and that you understand where they are coming from without returning the same kind of hostility that they left in their negative reviews.

Deal with serious matters privately

When dealing with negative reviews, it is important to respond to all your complaints and try the rectify the situation. However, if the complaint is more severe and the customer is not happy with the current situation, do reach out to them by asking them to direct message you separately so that you and your team will be able to deal with the issue privately without having to show the rest of your customers what is going on.

Remove fake or “troll” reviews

If you are browsing through different review applications such as Google to see what people have been talking about your brand and you stumble across fake or troll reviews, your best bet is to remove them.

You may be wondering how to remove bad reviews on Google but in actuality, it is far simpler than you thought. You could report and flag it to the review website or you could hire an online reputation management company to assist you in removing those bad reviews on Google.


If the first four steps fail you, you can rely on removing the bad reviews. If you are still unsure about how to remove bad reviews on platforms such as Google, fret not! We have the solution for you!

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