4 Questions About Online Reputation Management Answered


Online reputation management is one of the key ways that you are able to gain more traction to your business. Let’s say if your business has a strong online reputation, you will be able to gain potential customers to your brand as you are able to attract them with the overwhelming amount of reviews or positive feedback that you receive from your already existing customers. By taking care of your reputation management, you are able to benefit from it. Here are four common asked questions associated with online reputation management answered.

Why do I need online reputation management?

This question is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions when someone is wondering about reputation management. With everyone using the internet nowadays, everyone can be seen online such as your digital footprint and of course, whatever people say about you or your business online.

Be it positive or negative, having a positive online reputation and managing it well will allow you to be exposed to better opportunities in the future and if you have a business, it can also allow you to explore bigger business ventures.

Do I still need reputation management if I don’t use the internet often? 

Well, the short answer is yes. Personal or online brand reputation management services can really benefit you even if you do not frequent the internet and rarely post things about yourself. With a positive reputation online, you are able to get people to have a positive outlook on you or your business simply by the things that they have read on the internet about you.

Where do I start?

If you are in Singapore, there are different companies that offer online reputation management. You can also take your own steps to ensure that you are able to maintain a positive reputation online. Check that you do not have any negative digital footprint by conducting a digital footprint removal to make sure that nothing that is irrelevant to you that is trackable back to you. Also keep in mind that you should respond to people kindly. Those are some of the ways that you can maintain a good reputation online.

What can people do to protect their online reputation?

If you are a business, you could set up a Google alert. You can contribute by posting things by starting on a monthly basis and working your way up to posting more often. If you are trying to maintain your reputation just for yourself, it is important to note that you should use the different privacy settings available in each app that you frequent. You should also avoid oversharing online to ensure that you are not posting any negative things that might make some people or certain groups feel offended or upset.


We hope this article served as good answers to common questions that are asked about online reputation management. Reputation management in general, especially online, is extremely important and it can cause you to be good in everyone’s books or it could really break you apart.

Here at Internet Removals, we specialise in online brand reputation management services in Singapore and are able to help you maintain your brand’s reputation as well as help your brand use it to grow. Contact us today and we will be there with you every step of the way.