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What is a Digital Footprint?

Your Digital Footprint is the trail of data you create when using the internet, or alternatively the trail of data left by others that relates to or identifies you.

Within the context of your online reputation, your Digital Footprint is the first representation of you that a consumer or employer will find when searching your name online.

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    digital footprint analysis

    What is a Digital Footprint Analysis

    At Internet Removals, we have a team of dedicated reputation analysts in Singapore who are experts at analyzing a digital footprint from the perspective of key stakeholders, searching for any content that may be of concern or risk.

    Once engaged, our team will go to work attempting to find and record any content that may give rise to concern. Upon conclusion, our team will finalize a report and provide recommendations as to ways to remove, clean up, fix or reduce online risks associated with your digital footprint.

    Erasing your digital footprint can also, at times, be beneficial for your company. Some content or digital footprints that may be harmful to your company can be erased, and erasing them can have many benefits, including your customer’s brand loyalty.

    What are the benefits of digital footprint analysis?

    By conducting a digital footprint analysis, you will be able to find out about different content online that may be of risk or concern to your company. By doing an analysis, you will also be able to spot the content that you do not want potential customers of your company to view.

    Tracking your digital footprint can also help you to grow your company and maintain a loyal customer base which will be able to aid you in growing your overall business and the brand loyalty of your customers.

    Through an analysis of your digital footprint, you will also be able to gauge and find out what digital footprints you would like to have removed. Digital footprint removal can be done after analysis is completed as it allows the client to know exactly what kind of digital footprint removal they would like to inquire about.

    In Singapore, digital footprint analysis, as well as removal, can be done. Digital footprints are key to a business, and they can help to improve your overall business quality and brand loyalty from your customers.

    digital footprint analysis
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