How to Delete & Remove Videos from Youtube Channel

What is cyber harassment? I think many of us have heard about this word before, and it is not an ordinary case that happens daily; however, we still can’t find the exact approach to deal with such an issue. Generally, cyber harassment is the use of the Internet to harass, threaten, or maliciously embarrass; and it often includes stalking and various hate crimes. Typical behaviour involved with cyber-harassment will be sending a threatening email, sending a virus email, spreading rumours online or making a defamatory statement online about the victims, etc. 

An AFP study from Sydney reported that one out of five Australians had fallen victim to abusive behaviour, including getting their most intimate moments filmed or captured on camera without permission and then having such humiliating pictures made public on social networks. Eleven percent of victims have had their photos posted on social media sites like Snapchat and Facebook without their permission. 

Why People need to remove all their videos from the Internet, social media account like YouTube Channel? 

remove video from social media

In this digital era, people live on social platforms, they talk, discuss, communicate and deliver messages to others through social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and YouTube. You are able to get someone’s details from such a platform quickly, what they do, what they have uploaded and what they made in the past, by just searching their name. 

Even though you did not know who they are, you can easily get all relevant data about them, including their images and videos. People do not often realise that this information could be used against them; however, once they are cyber-bullied, they often then regret sharing such content with the public. 

According to a survey conducted in 2015 by the non-profit organisation Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), involving 1,606 respondents, a large proportion (61%) said they took nude images or videos of themselves and shared them with others, while 23% were victims of revenge porn.

Advanced technology provides ease for us to access all information that we want and need, but it also threatens us by showing up the info we owned to others. People use the ease of technology to spread fake rumours and annoying messages that threaten others, making the world terrifying if you are being harassed by such behaviour. So now the question is how are we going to protect ourselves from being cyber harassed? How to delete or remove such humiliating videos from the Internet, social media account like YouTube channel? Here are some guidelines you might refer to.

Useful Step on How to Delete Videos Online 

1. Find the source of the explicit video

The first step to removing your video from the Internet will be finding the source, the website that is showing your video; it must be the original source. This happens when the video is not shared by yourself; you are not the owner of the source; you need to seek help from the host or owner of the original website to delete all the videos. You were able to search keywords through the search engine, to check through the Google result, whether there is any related video about you, if yes you may click through the website and ask the website owner to take the video down for you. 

It may require time to delete a video from the website, as you may not get any response from the website owner, or you may wait a long time only to get the reply from the owner. But you still can get the video removed from the site as most websites practice a strict copyright infringement policy so that they will take down the post immediately. 

If you are unable to contact the website owner, you may try to access, where you can find the website owner by just pasting the website URL to the search box and you may be able to contact the particular website owner. 

2. Delete video from social networking sites

All the social networking sites have the feature of “reporting abuse or misusing content”. So, when you find your video is spread virally on the social networking site, you may report the post to the site owner, and they will block the content to show to the public and clear the video from the website. Make sure all websites have deleted the video related to you, especially the porn website. For some porn websites, a policy requires the video to be removed 24-48 hours after the site owners have been alerted about the problem. 

3. Lastly, you may seek professional help

Those sexually explicit videos may cause a massive effect on the victims, either mentally or physically. In such cases, you may ask a professional or a lawyer for a legal solution. You may be able to contact a lawyer that specializes in defamation to provide you with some legal advice on how to solve such an issue. Alternatively, you may seek the help of Internet Removals to clear all those related videos more effectively and increase the success rate of removing such content online. 

Steps on How to Remove Video from YouTube Channel

1. Log in to your own YouTube account.

2. Go to your own account by clicking on your profile picture at the top right corner.

3. After clicking on your profile, there will be a drop-down menu, from the menu, select “YouTube Studio”.

4. Clicking “YouTube Studio” will bring you to your profile page, where you can see all of the videos that you’ve uploaded before.

5. From here, hover your mouse over the video that you’d like to delete. When you do this, you’ll see two buttons appear: a play button and an “options” button that looks like three stacked dots. Click on the stacked dots to open up a menu of your options.

6. Click on the menu button, and select “Delete”.

7. This will pull up a pop-up box where you’ll be asked if you want to permanently delete the video. If you’re ready to commit, then check the box that says you understand this is permanent, and click “Delete video”. Your video will then be successfully deleted permanently.

Conclusion: Remove embarrassing video to prevent to become the victims of cyber harassment 

cyber bullying

Sexually explicit videos may destroy a person’s image and reputation; they may cause a person harm who suffers unfair cyberbullying and criticism and lead to depression. It can become one of the main factors that cause people to suffer from depression and other mental health problems. According to the report of Cyber Security Malaysia (CSM) provides that in the year 2018, there are over 356 cases related to cyber harassment in Malaysia. 

People do not realise the importance of protecting themselves from cyber harassment, and they did not know how to prevent such issues. Hence, it is vital to educate the people to be alert about issues like cyberbullying, and at the same time provide some precaution for them to avoid being the victims.

Erasing those offending videos is a solution to such an issue, but it is now the best way to solve the problem. As you can’t 100% ensure that all related videos about you are deleted from the Internet, some viewers may download the video file before you remove it and share it to other sites, being stored somewhere else.  

If you have any query about removing fake, false or untruthful content from the Internet, you may be able to contact us via email at or call +65-31584706. At Internet Removals, we provide a specialised service whereby we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content to offending search engines, website administrators and web hosts.

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