How to Remove Bad & Negative Google Reviews in Singapore

Targeted by an unfair/bad Google Review? You aren’t the first.

Continue reading to learn more about the common types of Google Reviews and how to remove Google Reviews.

1. The ‘Ghost Customer’

It’s quite common for our customers to report bad reviews being left on their Google Review platforms by what we call ‘Ghost Customers’, i.e. a reviewer who has never been a customer of the business. While most platforms are slow to detect these ‘ghost reviews’, just last year, an Italian man was sentenced to nine months in jail and fined for leaving fake reviews on TripAdvisor.

2. The ‘EX’

It’s incredibly common to see reviews left for our customers by what we call the ‘EX’ group. The EX group is made up of ex-staff, ex-business partners and ex-lovers. It’s common to see personal disputes flow over into fake Google Reviews.

3. The Competitor

Based on what we hear from our customers, there must be a new philosophy in business “if you can’t beat them, review them“. There are three common patterns:

4. The Obvious

‘Tim’ will leave a one-star review for ABC Builders, then in the same week leave a glowing review for XYZ Builders.

5. The Clueless

XYZ Builders will leave a one-star review for ABC Builders, then review its own business five stars. Many business owners who do this aren’t aware that they are signed in to company g-mail accounts, leaving a very obvious trail.

6. Public Enemy #1

‘Tim’ will leave a one-star review for EVERY builder in the area, then in the same week leave a glowing review for XYZ Builders. It’s safe to say that XYZ Builders receives a few angry calls that week!

7. The Racial Slur

Unfortunately, we live in a society where some people cannot accept conflicting views on religion or race. This can and frequently does spew over to highly discriminatory and racially motivated remarks being left on Google Review platforms.

8. The Spree

It’s not overly common, but there are some reviewers with far too much time on their hands. This spare time allows them to not only trash one business but trash every business in the group/franchise. For example:

Tim is unhappy with ABC Builders Brisbane and he leaves a scathing Google Review for them. Tim doesn’t stop there, he continues on to Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Mars and the Milky Way branches.

9. The Mistake

We all make mistakes! Sometimes people bump a five/one-star review when scrolling through Facebook or Google, or they just get confused about which place they are reviewing. A simple mistake but sometimes a hard fix.

10. The Know-it-all

We come to the know-it-all, a person who doesn’t care what you do or say, they are right and you are wrong. These people are often not even customers, but they are offended during the service encounter that you cannot change your business to suit their needs. A recent example was a car tuning business that received a negative review for being honest. When we say honest, they knocked back a job due to lack of experience and a concern for damaging the customers’ vehicle attempting to carry out the service that they are ill-equipped to handle.

So, how do you REMOVE negative Google Reviews?

If you have read to this part, you are probably expecting a spiel that goes something like this:

Navigate to the review and click the ‘flag icon’. Then, fill out the ‘Report a Policy Violation’ form and submit. Your review will them magically be removed! 

Sorry! It’s not that easy. At Internet Removals, we have removed over 459,600 in Singapore and in less than 0.05% of our successes, we have seen a ‘flagging’ feature deliver success.

In order to remove Google Reviews, you need to understand how moderators work, what they are looking for, what boxes need to be ticked and how to persistently follow up to ensure your complaint has not been ignored. 

At Internet Removals Singapore, we have developed specialised systems and procedures on how to successfully remove Google Reviews.

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    To remove bad Google reviews, you would need to understand how moderators work, what qualifies for the review to be removed as well as how to constantly follow up to ensure that your request has not been ignored. At Internet Removals, we provide content removal services to help you with this process.

    Before making the decision to remove bad Google reviews, you should consider responding. Responding to a negative review can help to strengthen your online reputation and show potential and existing customers that your brand is dedicated to ensuring that your customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost priority.

    Always ensure that you are calm and respond politely whenever you are responding to negative Google reviews. The reviewer might be more willing to take the review down when they notice your efforts to resolve the issue. Internet Removals offers reputation management services that will allow you to remove bad Google reviews as part of our services.

    When you have made the decision to flag the review and have requested to remove bad Google reviews, it can take a few days to weeks before the review is removed, as Google will have to review it on their end if it is deemed inappropriate.

    When you remove bad Google reviews, it can help your brand to grow even more. However, removing a negative review should be applicable to fake and inappropriate reviews. You should try your best to ensure that you can respond to the review and resolve the issue to maintain positive sentiments.