Costs and Solutions to Fix & Improve Online Reputation Management

According to Brightlocal statistics, about 86% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses (including 95% of 18-34 years old group of people) before purchasing a product or services. Due to the convenience of the internet and social media platforms, people are now actively communicating with each other online while also researching before making purchase decisions.

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management? 

People like to share their life experiences, their moods, and their stories. Many people would also like to share the experience of using a product or service through an online forum, review listing or discussion group. Positive comments from those online users help businesses create positive word of mouth and indirectly helps a company to build the brand image and brand reputation.

However, there are some negative comments and reviews that may destroy a business. It is challenging for the company to deal with such negative or bad reviews, as some reviews contain defamatory content that may harm the reputation of the business, thereby causing severe losses to business revenue.

So, managing online customer reviews is a crucial task for every business nowadays. It is challenging to manage such reviews where word of mouth can spread virally, outside the control of the company, and within a few seconds, such content may spread to a thousand or even millions of people.

Therefore, businesses should take note of several useful tips on managing their online customer reviews towards their business, to improve their online reputation and thereby to build long-lasting customer relationships.

Tips and Solutions to Improve Your Online Reputation Management in Singapore

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1. Track the customer reviews

Tracking customer reviews is a vital online reputation management technique. The purpose of monitoring customer reviews is to listen to what your customer is commenting about the business. The business should respond to those reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative reviews. Companies should be able to respond to those reviews, acknowledging those comments, replying to customer concerns, and show the concern of the company towards their customers. When customers feel the company is caring about them, this may help to increase customer satisfaction.

Businesses can turn on the notifications of various review platforms such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Product Reviews, Google Alerts, etc. Thus, companies can get notified when someone comments about their service or product so that businesses can respond quickly to their customers. This helps businesses to administer their online reputation more efficiently and effectively. 

2. Claim or create your business page

Claiming your page is a free service, and you then have control over what it contains. If your business page has not been made, you can create it on your own. You may do so by visiting the site concerned, look for buttons that say “For Business”, “Claim your page” or “Unlock your page”.

Claiming your page is a way to improve your listing in search rankings, and will often give you access to exclusive services provided by the review site. It can be a tool to track and analyze reviews, and it also serves as an option for communicating privately with reviewers. In such a way, you are able to manage your reputation online more efficiently.  

3. Allocate someone to monitor the reviews

Each business must allocate someone responsible for monitoring and responding to customer reviews. It is a part of the online reputation management strategy, which is essential for a company to have someone specialized in customer matters to respond to a customer complaint. This will increase the responsiveness of the business and thereby improve the quality of service.  

It is not easy to recruit a person to monitor the customer reviews, where the staff must be able to deal with the negative response and attitude of the customer and to respond to the customer politely. So, businesses should select suitable candidates to manage customer reviews, thereby controlling the quality of services. 

A business customer service personnel is representing the business image to the public. It is the first line staff that handles the company’s customer matters.  Customer service personnel that fail to maintain the corporate reputation may cause the company to suffer further reputational loss.  

4. Respond to positive reviews

Responding to positive reviews is essential as it shows that you are concerned with the customers’ feedback and shows that you appreciate their compliments. It is a way that helps you to improve customer loyalty, where the customer feels that you are concerned with their satisfaction, they will think that they are essential to you, they will be loyal to you and this will help to create more value in the future.

You would also be able to show positive reviews on your official website or the social media site. This will help to explain the reputation of your brand to your customers and potential customers. It builds trust with your customer, where those positive reviews proved the quality of your service or product. 

5. Manage negative reviews

When there are positive reviews, there will be negative reviews as well. It is a tough task for businesses to manage such negative reviews, where some of the negative reviews are due to the dissatisfaction of customers, some may be from a fake account that intends to destroy your business reputation.  

A corporate should know how to deal with such negative or bad reviews of their business in order to fix their online reputation. The corporation should develop a standard procedure on how to deal with a customer complaint or bad reviews, with practical steps to resolve the complaint, such as the way to communicate with the dissatisfied customer, and what alternative compensation is available to the customer. 

Costs of managing your company online reputation in Singapore

There are many online reputation management companies in Singapore you may choose to consult. They are specialised in solving corporate public relation matters and provide corporation reputation management consultation. The cost of the online reputation management service may be varying from different agencies and types of service. Some ORM agencies may be able to offer an affordable price by providing a professional online reputation management service, which helps you to monitor your online reputation effectively and efficiently. In order to know more about the online reputation management costs and solutions, you able to contact the agency directly to know more detailed information regarding different ORM services. 

Conclusions: Why should an organization/ company prioritize their online reputation management in digital marketing

Online reputation management Singapore

In the digital world doing business people would like to make a judgment by reviewing the feedback from a customer online; they will screen through all the information they are able to get about that company before they go further with engaging that business. If the customer finds that you have bad reviews complaining about poor services, they may not approach you anymore. This is why having a good reputation is crucial for a company. 

Research shows that companies risk losing 22 percent of their sales when potential customers find a negative review on the search results of their first page. Three negative reviews could make the number jump to 59.2 percent. 

Besides, maintaining an online reputation is a digital marketing strategy that builds public brand awareness. When a company has a good reputation online, people that search online find out the company is doing well, with good reviews from customers, and this helps to promote a positive image to the public

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