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Internet Removals- a decade in the online content removal industry. We specialise in petitioning Google, Facebook, Instagram and others for removals.

What is Outdated Content Removal?

Content Removal is the process of drafting, submitting and managing applications for the removal of unwarranted, false, misleading, potentially illegal or outdated content from the internet. These outdated content removal applications are placed on behalf of our clients and based on our clients’ instructions. They are made to any party deemed to be offending, which can include but is not limited to publishers such as Google INC (and associated country-specific platforms), Facebook (and associated entities), ProductReview.com.au and various other websites and review platforms that these different types of content might be posted to.

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    What can you remove?

    Our team assists with outdated content removal or online content on Google, Facebook and other common platforms. These contents include:

    • Concerning search results

    • Offensive social media pages

    • Intimate images and videos

    • Outdated content

    • Copyright protected material

    • Content that breaches intellectual property rights

    • Unauthorized social and email accounts

    • App store and business reviews

    • Revenge porn

    The removal of the contents stated above is permissible as they are posted with negative intent, and this can harm the victims in their personal and professional life.

    What is your success rate?

    In Singapore, as of 2022, 2,661,859 URLs that were considered to be outdated content had gone through the removal process and were successfully removed from different sources or websites that they might have been posted on and complete removal of the different URLs.

    What are the benefits of content removal services?

    Our content removal services are beneficial to victims who have fallen prey to various situations. Mainly, our content removal services are to remove online content in Singapore that is outdated, irrelevant or harmful to a specific company or individual. These different contents are removed as they may draw attention to unnecessary issues or harmful content that may have been posted out of spite or negative intentions.

    These removal services are also beneficial as they will get to erase the content that has been posted and remove them from any online sources that it may have been posted. As the content that usually needs removal are those that can be outdated or harmful to an individual or company, it is our utmost priority to ensure that our services are able to help remove any outdated or harmful content which might risk putting our clients at risk.

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