What is Reverse SEO?

What is Reverse Search Engine Optimization?

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Reverse Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is commonly used as a tactic for reputation management. It works by pushing down the search ranking of a particular site through optimisation of another website that utilises the same target keyword. This can be a really effective reputation management tool as it can help to knock down the actual search rankings of web pages that may be undesirable.

Content removal may be the first reaction to negative press or reviews, however not all negative content will violate Google’s guidelines (or another third party’s guidelines). Essentially reverse SEO works to suppress negative search results, which may be an alternative option to removing a Google search result or removing a website from Google. It can also be a tool used by competitors and can be used to control what the wider public sees in relation to a particular business, brand or person. Reverse SEO can be used to bury or suppress negative search results so that they may not even be seen for a few pages on Google. Ultimately, this is often used in combination with optimising other websites to help them rank higher, as the negative search results are suppressed.

Why do people require to suppress negative search results on Google?

suppress negative search results

Has your business received negative online reviews, or have you as an individual experienced negative press online? These sorts of negative search results can have a significant impact on a person’s own reputation as well as a business’s reputation and ability to retain customers. Importantly, approximately 4 out of 5 consumers search a business on Google and check reviews before engaging with them, so if he or she sees something negative, this might make them re-think about engaging with you.

How are reverse SEO services done?

Briefly speaking, reverse SEO is performed by initially identifying keywords and search terms that will trigger higher search rankings for the webpage that is displaying the negative content. It is then possible to bury this website for the keywords by creating and optimising other sites that also utilise the same keywords. The ideal scenario is that the newly optimised site ranks higher and the negative one is suppressed.

How can reverse SEO manage a business’s or individual’s online reputation?

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Reverse SEO may be an alternative option to content removal, and can significantly help to suppress negative content about a business or individual online. By performing reverse SEO, there is a direct result where the negative page is ranked lower and people are less likely to view the content; instead, they are met with more positive optimised sites. As such, reverse SEO directly affects the reputation of a business or individual by suppressing negative content and, if used in combination with optimisation, improves reputation through the display of more positive content on optimised websites.

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