Content Removal: Is it possible to remove a defamatory website from Google search?

Why would someone want to remove a website from Google search?

how to remove a website from google search results

There are many reasons why an individual or a business might want to delete a website from Google. It may be that the content was originally posted by an individual but it is outdated or they have now lost access to the page or account. An example of this is often seen when someone wants an old Myspace account removed. Additionally, a particular website might contain personal details about a person, such as their email address and phone number, and they might want this removed from public view. This often happens when a person leaves a particular employer and their private contact information is still listed under a staff bio.

In other cases, the website might contain defamatory content which causes reputational damage; it is possible for anyone to create a WordPress or Blogspot page, where they can post any content they like. This can cause severe reputational damage and embarrassment to the person who is the subject of such a post; it is common to see both individuals and businesses requesting the removal of websites from Google on the grounds that the content is defamatory. Furthermore, an individual or business might want to remove a website from Google because it infringes on copyright or privacy rights.

What is defamation?


Defamation can be described as the publication of material that could cause injury to someone’s reputation. ‘Publication’ refers to communication defamatory material to any other person, except for the person who is alleged to have been defamed. This can include defamatory social media posts, private conversations, anything online, print newspapers and media, television and radio. Additionally, email, comments on articles and importantly, comments on social media posts can also all be considered as publications.

The general elements to consider with defamation are:

  • The material has been communicated about the person to another;
  • The communication has caused the other person to form a reduced opinion of the aggrieved person; and
  • The defamatory material has caused or is likely to cause, serious harm to their reputation.

How can a defamatory website affect businesses and individuals?

remove defamatory google search result

Ultimately the publication of defamatory material can significantly affect the reputation of an individual or a business. It may deter potential customers from engaging with a business, resulting in decreased revenue. For individuals, their personal reputation may be affected and this could reach a large number of areas of the person’s life. For example, a prospective employer may read the defamatory content (not knowing it is untrue) and this may affect an individual’s job prospects.

What qualifies for the removal of a website? And how is it possible to delete a website from Google search?

If you want to remove a website from Google, it needs to qualify for removal. Internet Removals assesses each matter to determine the likelihood of successful removal. Ultimately it is the third-party hosting platform that will make the final determination as to whether or not something qualifies for removal and whether you can delete the website from Google and remove the website from Google search results.

Internet Removals specialises in online reputation management and content removal, including removal from Google search results. If the content displayed on the website is illegal, meaning it is defamatory or breaches copyright or privacy laws, it may qualify for removal.

Can you Delete Google Reviews?

The short answer is yes, it is possible to have Google reviews deleted, however, there needs to be a basis for this. One example of where Google content removal can be achieved is when the review is defamatory; there are certain criteria that need to be present for this to apply. Internet Removals are the experts in content removal and specifically when it comes to deleting defamatory Google Reviews.

Can you Delete Google My Business?

Delete Google My Business

Yes, it is possible to delete Google My Business. Internet Removals can assist with applications and liaise with Google to have removed the Google Business listing. If your business has Facebook, we can also help to delete the Facebook Business page. We are also able to assist with your online reputation management if it has been negatively impacted by false reviews.

Why is my link still on Google after it has been removed?

There are occasionally situations where some people may try to remove content from the website, however, they may still find the link on Google. If this happens, it may be that different platforms contain the content or information of the person and are also hosting the page. Additionally, Google may have removed the page but have not caught up with de-indexing search results. Internet Removals can assist with Google de-indexing to help remove or delete the website from Google entirely.

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