Six reasons why online reviews are crucial for your online reputation management on Google

Importance of Online Reviews

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Customers are essential to any business; without them, the business would not thrive, profits would not be made and ultimately the business will fail. In 2021, it is now even more common for a potential customer of a business to read reviews that have been left on review platforms, such as the business’s website, Google Map Review platform, Facebook and Trust Pilot. Recent statistics indicate as many as 90% of consumers read online reviews before they make contact with or visit a business.

Online reviews have significant benefits in that they can improve comparison shopping rankings, enhance the credibility of the merchant and raise customer engagement. Negative online reviews have strong potential to deter possible clients, however, the presence of positive reviews is essential for your business, and are considered just as important as a personal recommendation.

Here are six reasons why online reviews are crucial in online business reputation management:

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  1. 90% of consumers read online reviews before interacting with a business.

With technology and social media use increasing drastically, it is no wonder that consumers like to do some product and service research before they engage with the business. This research gives the consumer an overview of what other people have experienced, and can either make them more or less likely to engage. This research can also provide consumers with particular information about a business, such as the quality of service received, staff professionalism, and pricing.

  1. Consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Recent data indicates that consumers place significant trust in the online reviews they read, and consider them just as trustworthy as personal recommendations. This makes it even more critical for business owners to regularly read their online reviews so that they can intervene if there are any negative or false reviews present, as this may be seen as a deterrent to consumers engaging with your business.

  1. Consumers are likely to spend more money on a business that has ‘excellent’ reviews.

Excellent reviews from other consumers, such as 4- and 5-star reviews, mean people have had a great experience and this really boosts trust in the business. It means consumers performing online review research trust that others have had a good time or received a great product, and this means they will be more likely to invest their own money. Aside from actually investing their funds, research indicates that excellent reviews encourage consumers to spend more, which again reflects the importance of online reviews in influencing consumer views of products, services and overall value for money.

  1. Positive reviews enhance consumer trust in the business.

As previously stated, consumers view reviews as being as trustworthy as a personal recommendation. Positive and rave reviews from others promote trust in your business and encourage consumers to believe they will also have a great experience if they engage with you.

  1. Positive reviews can trigger consumers to take action.

Reading positive reviews, particularly if there are many of them, can create a feeling of ‘wanting to belong’ to a social cause. This can encourage the consumer to take action as they will feel excited or experience ‘hype’ about the business due to the positive reviews.

  1. Reviews influence the online business’s reputation on Google.

Whether positive or negative, consumers will form a view of your business based on what other consumers are saying. It is therefore very important that business owners regularly monitor their online reviews and consider the impact on their online reputation. If online reputation is a concern for your business, Internet Removals (online reputation management agency in Australia) can help with improvement.

In addition to understanding why online reviews are crucial for your business, here are some tips to deal with negative reviews that may appear:

  1. Respond to the negative review in a prompt, calm and professional manner.
  2. Correct any inaccuracies present in the negative review and highlight your strengths as a business.
  3. Respond to the review in a personable manner; write as a person would, not a corporation.
  4. Be consistent in your business practices and responses.
  5. Work with the reviewer to come to a resolution.
  6. If the review is untrue and defamatory, you may consider engaging content removal specialists such as Internet Removals.

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How can we help with businesses’ online reputation management in NYC?

We may be able to assist you with:

  • Identifying potentially fake reviews (review management);
  • Applications to remove fake reviews;
  • Online reputation management on Google.

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